NSK-2 Series

These videos are the Free Video Series I release before registration for the Number Sense 101 course opens.

Video 1: 4 Early Numeracy Concepts

Video 2: 4 Number Relationships

Video 3: Implementation Ideas

Video 4: Digging Deeper


Download File

Observation Look Fors (from Early Numeracy Video)

Download File

4 Number Sense Relationships eBook (from Number Relationships video)

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5 Evergreen Games (From Implementation Video)

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Must Have PreK-2 Math Books (from Digging Deeper Video)

Currently the full Number Sense 101 course is not open for registration.  It opens three times a year (September, January, and May).  Members of the Build Math Minds Community will be emailed when the course opens up for registration and will get a special discount on the course.