Tasks: Line ‘Em Up Game

This game is an excellent way to be watching for those Early Numeracy Look Fors.  In this video there are times when my 3 year old is Subitizing. There are times when he shows Verbal Counting, Object Counting, and Cardinality…but there are also times he shows that he does NOT have those.


  1. Rachael Betscha

    This video is really eye opening for me. I love how you prompted him and guide him through the game without giving him the answers! Allowing you to really understand and see a clear picture of what he knows and can do. This is so essential. Thank you for showing this.

    1. Rachael Betscha

      Christina, can you clarify if you always start with the abstract numbers? Could you start the game with the tens frame first?

      1. CTondevold

        Absolutely! You can start with any of them. I just had him start with the numbers because he actually knows those better than the visuals. So I was working on getting him to develop that sense of quantity instead of just knowing the numbers.

  2. Naomi

    I really like when you changed it from all the cards up to 10 to just up to 5. I think it is important for us to always try to be objective and flexible in our teaching . We do this all the time, whether in reading and the story is too long so we begin to paraphrase the rest of the story or to just chucking an idea that did not work. I think this is a sign of a great teacher who can go with the flow.

  3. Naomi

    I was wondering, when you are using the early numeracy look fors, are we looking for these things after they have had some exposure to these things or just cold? some of the children have never seen a pair of dice before. So do i start playing games with dice and then check for these things?

    1. CTondevold

      I would use them to check at the beginning…just to see if there are things that child does know so that I know exactly where to start. You definitely won’t need to do all the items, just the first few.

      1. lplunkett

        Where can I find the savvy subitizing cards?

  4. Ntufa

    Hi Christine,

    I ld like to commend you on the fact you teach your son in a way that makes him love learning, this was evident in his comment in the end ‘ I wanna play again’. It is so important to teach in a way that is enjoyable for the child so that they keep wanting to practice it. ?

  5. lplunkett

    Where can I find these savvy subitizing cards?

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