Representations to help kids Look For and Make use of Structure

I’m a big proponent of making sure kids are exposed to varied representations.  However, there are times when you should only use one representation.  I explain in this video.


  1. Pamela

    This is such an important concept to develop in second grade. I have tried to help my students understand the “constant difference” using Unifix cubes and smaller numbers and although they can see it with smaller numbers making the leap to larger numbers is not as easy. This is much better and it is a natural leap from subtracting jumps of tens and jumps of ones on the open number line. Tomorrow my problem solving question is, “Over the weekend I was wondering about something. Is it possible to use the open number line, and friendly numbers, to help us subtract? I wonder if it is possible; and if it is how would we do it? Has anyone every tried this before? I really need to know if this will work. Can someone think of a problem that we can try it with? I am so excited because I know the excitement that will be generated because of this.
    Than you, Christina for sharing this video.

    1. CTondevold

      Absolutely! How did it go when you went back to your class with those questions??

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