Summer 2017 Book Study-Week1Q1

In the comments below, tell us a little bit about yourself, where you live, your role, and your experiences with math as you were growing up.


  1. Christina Tondevold Post author

    Hi, I’m Christina 🙂 I live in Idaho. I do professional development for teachers and am the facilitator here at Build Math Minds. Growing up, math was always easy for me. But, that was because math was taught as a series of steps & procedures to memorize & follow. I was a good rule follower and so I succeeded in math. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized I was only good at arithmetic and not so good at doing real mathematics.

  2. Ann Elise

    Hi everyone! I’m Ann Elise and I live in northern NH. I will be facilitating this book discussion and am here to provide any help you need as you begin your journey to understand Math Running Records while also gaining an appreciation for the information it will give you to respond instructionally. I taught in a self-contained grade 5 classroom for 13 years and for the last 3 I’ve been a Math Coach K-5. This year I got to focus just on my grade 3-5 kiddos so it was nice to have one leadership team meeting, one staff meeting, etc. I’ve also taught several math classes for our local community college as well as Plymouth State University for pre-service teachers and will again be teaching the seniors this fall right before they student teach. Growing up I always loved math because it came easy to me as I followed the rules and procedures I was taught. I really didn’t connect any ideas together or even understand the beauty of math until about ten years ago. The more I learn, the more I realize I need to learn!

  3. Kelly Andrews

    Hello from Illinois…I’m Kelly. I teach Math RtI to students grades 2-4. Prior to this awesome position, I taught 2nd grade for 25 years and truly enjoyed my time in the regular ed classroom. When asked 5 years ago to pursue the newly posted RtI math position in my district, I was somewhat hesitant because I had envisioned teaching Reading RtI as my most recent master’s was as a reading specialist. After thinking and talking through my decision, I accepted the position and needless to say, I am ecstatic! I absolutely love Math Intervention and all that I have learned as I search to modify and improve our program.

    1. Ann Elise

      Welcome, Kelly! While I loved teaching all subjects during my time in the classroom, math was always my favorite part of the day (aside from reading aloud some scenes from favorite novels). I moved into a Math Coaching role three years ago and my passion for math has only grown. So glad to have you with us!

  4. Marcy Godesa

    Hi, from Oregon! I’m Marcy, a first, now second grade teacher. I am entering my 13th year of teaching and excited to be taking on the role of a math studio classroom. I started teaching in Michigan, where I taught 5th grade. I then moved to Southern California, where I continued in 5th. Nine years ago, my husband and I moved to Oregon, where I started as a K-5 ESL teacher and then moved back into the classroom.
    I have always loved teaching math because it was one of the hardest subject areas for me. I was taught that math can only happen one way and I quickly figured out, as a teacher, that this is not true. I love making math come to life and building connections with my students.

    1. Ann Elise

      Welcome, Marcy! Our roles as elementary math teachers certainly aren’t just limited to teaching the content of math, but also to create classroom atmospheres that foster positive dispositions towards math. I think that when we open up the possibility for our students that there is more than one way to solve a problem, and all solution paths are celebrated, we go a long way in setting the foundation for their learning…as well as rejoicing in our diversity! So glad you’re here!

  5. Caryn Trautz

    Hi, I’m Caryn Trautz. I teach special ed middle school math in New Jersey. This past year I had a group of extremely low 8th grade students who were on a 1st-2nd grade level, so I was excited to be able to use many of the strategies that I learned from @ctondevold through all of her great webinars and the Number Sense 101 course. This summer I will be teaching Extended School Year to a group of 2nd/3rd/4th grade students so I will again get to use these helpful strategies. I recently purchased and began reading Dr. Nicki’s Math Running Records book and plan to use them with the students this summer. I can’t wait to try them out! I really liked watching Dr. Nicki’s recent videos of her doing Running Records with her student. Thanks to @arecord for answering all my questions so far – looking forward to this book study with you!

    1. Ann Elise

      Welcome, Caryn! So glad you are here!!

  6. Wanda Johnson

    Hi from Pennsylvania! My name is Wanda and I am a K-1 Combined Classroom teacher. I have a M.Ed in Early Childhood studies and am in my 2nd full year of teaching. I have been reading and studying how young primary students learn mathematics and I am eager to better my teaching. I am always looking for ways to bring excellence to the classroom.

    1. Ann Elise

      Welcome, Wanda! You have certainly joined the right community! Christina is a wealth of knowledge for early numeracy. I think you’ll find the running records to be super helpful as well! So glad you’ve joined us!

  7. Wendy Courter

    Hello, I’m Wendy from MO. I teach Title I math in a fourth and fifth grade building just a little south of Kansas City. Math always came easy to me, but I have learned that I was simply good at learning procedures and memorizing rules.

    1. Ann Elise

      Hi Wendy! I find that to be so true as I teach preservice teachers. I will teach them a non-algorithm method for doing a computation and the students who always thought they were good at math would get very frustrated while the ones who always felt math was a struggle would catch right on! I would tell my frustrated students that while they were experiencing those emotions for half an hour, imagine the students who have traditionally be locked out of our procedures-only classrooms for their entire school lives. I’m so glad you are joining us!

  8. Debra Canady

    My name is Debra canady and I live in Tulsa Oklahoma. Math was easy for me until I came to algebra in middle school. I believe that is because I also did not have a good understanding of mathematics, I could follow steps but not understand why.
    I presently teach in a private school, I taught math to fourth graders for 13 years and loved it for the past two I have taught math to our IEP and struggling elementary students. Last year I used the Bridges Intervention curriculum (which is outstanding at teaching kids). While watching a webinar of Christina’s, I saw how her methods aligned with the curriculum and wanted to learn more.

    1. Ann Elise

      Welcome to the discussion, Debra! I’ve never used Bridges, but glad to hear you like it so much. I’m also a huge fan of all the early numeracy information Christina has shared. Having only taught grade 5, I had lots to learn when I became a K-5 Math Coach. So glad you’ve joined us!

  9. Heather Girroir

    Hi, my name is Heather Girroir and I live in Hinsdale, NH and teach in the neighboring town of Chesterfield. I have been teaching for just over 20 years in grades K – 5. Last year I was in first, and the year before I was in fifth. I have always loved math, but like Christina, didn’t realize I was only good at arithmetic. This year my school has followed Dr. Mahesh Sharma. By doing this, we basically threw out our math books and taught math through strategies. It was exciting to see them truly learn math, not count on their fingers.

    1. Ann Elise

      Hi Heather! A fellow NH person!! I few summers ago I took a course with Dr. Sharma and it was lifechanging! I’ve incorporated a lot of what I’ve learned from him into my work with teachers and students. He introduced me to the power of Cuisenaire rods as well which are my favorite math tool. So glad you’ve joined us!

  10. Lorna Holcombe

    Hello! I am Lorna and I made the move from northern NH to the Northeast Kingdom of VT about a year ago. I have been an educator for 14 years. I was a classroom teacher for 10, a math and literacy interventionist for 3, and have been working most recently as a special educator and interventionist. I never truly enjoyed math until I became a classroom teacher and gained a conceptual understanding of math. Now, I love teaching math and have immersed myself in professional development related to math ever since.

    1. Ann Elise

      Hi Lorna! So glad you are joining us!! I can’t remember if you visited me for a day to learn more about running records?

      1. Lorna Holcombe

        Yes, I did! I even got to practice administering them with you and your first graders.

  11. Beate Pryor

    Hello, I am Beate (bee-ah-tuh) and I teach in Oregon. I wear 2 hats in my building. I work with teachers in science and math. This year I will be more of a math coach for teachers.
    When I was younger I struggled in math until high school, when I had a teacher who was able to explain to me more on how math worked. At that point, math made more sense to me, which was one reason why I became a teacher. I wanted to help kids to better understand math and make connections to math.

    1. Ann Elise

      Welcome, Beate! It’s amazing the impact a teacher can have on us! So glad you’re here!

  12. Megan Purlee

    Hi! My name is Megan and I live just south of Indianapolis. I was a classroom teacher for 11 years (1st & 2nd Grade). I will be starting my 4th year as the Instructional Coach at my school (K-5, all subjects!) at the end of July. I did well in math until I hit algebra, then it became a struggle for me and I didn’t enjoy it again until a college professor made it fun and interesting again. I have always loved teaching math, but have learned over the last few years that some of the practices I used in the classroom were not the best! Now I am a sponge trying to learn all I can about math and what practices are best, so I can pass those on to my colleagues!

    1. Ann Elise

      Hi Megan! I, too, have love being able to learn about best practices in math and then share what I learn with others. I especially love watching the positive impact these strategies have on the students. So glad you’ve joined us!

  13. Amy Haaland

    I’m Amy. I’ve had a 22 year teaching journey that has spanned from public school, to private school to homeschool, then back to public for eight years and now I’m just finishing my second year in a classical Christian school. We have a marvelous amount of freedom in teaching math as we are not required to participate in state testing. (Yay, Texas!) I despised math starting in about sixth grade and continued to dislike it until I began to teach it. Within the last four to five years I have discovered a love and passion for teaching mathematics. Now, I am eager to find researched based best practices to use in my classroom and to help my colleagues use in theirs. I am moving from second grade to fourth grade this year and taking on the role of math coach for our prek-6 grade teachers. I am also on an advisory board to help develop the math program for Harbor Christian Academy, a new classical school that will be opening in Houston’s fifth ward next year. Access to excellent math instruction will be life changing for students in that that urban area.

    1. Ann Elise

      Welcome, Amy! So exciting for you to be leading the way to changing math education for so many students. How wonderful! It must be such a relief that you don’t need to worry about state testing. I have found my teachers to be under such stress because of those tests. I’m all about data when I can use the data to respond instructionally, but when it is just for the sake of collecting data I find that to be time that could have been spent on instruction. Good luck as you also move into coaching! I’ve loved my years as a coach!

  14. Kelly Sickle

    Hi, I am Kelly J from Grain Valley, MO. I teach first grade in independence. This will be my 19th year of teaching. I am currently earning my Elementary Mathematics Specialist degree. I am taking my last class, then on to the thesis. Three years ago I attended a Greg Tang conference, which was the beginning of my math journey. I changed my approach to teaching math and get my degree. I can tell you that I will never go back. Last year I joined Christina’s group and have really enjoyed all that she has offered. I just finished Guided Math by Nicki Newton and know this book study is my next step.

    1. Ann Elise

      Welcome, Kelly! I’ve seen Greg Tang several times and just love him! In fact, I’ll be attending his Math Plus conference in KC in just two weeks. When I saw that Dr. Nicki, Christina Tondevold, and Graham Fletcher would be joining him I knew I just HAD to be there! So glad you can join us for the book discussion!

  15. Lisa Mills

    Hello! I’m Lisa and I am also in NH! I have been a special education teacher for about 20 years. Early on I spent a lot of time understanding how to change literacy for kids. Now, I want to do the same thing for math. I have always been good with numbers but like so many responses I read here, once I hit algebra it suddenly didn’t make sense! I can still hear my father saying, “No, Lisa, you can’t add apples and oranges, they don’t grow on the same trees!” I have been a part of Christina’s world for about 9-10 months and have loved what I am learning here. I work with kids grade 3-5, but I loop. So next school year I go back to 3rd grade and will stay with those kiddos until they head to middle school.

    1. Ann Elise

      Welcome, Lisa! Another NH person! Yea! I think the idea of looping is so wonderful. You can truly get to know each student and what they need to succeed. What a great opportunity to be a part of their journey for a few years. So glad you’ve joined us!

  16. Geralyn Hendrick

    Hi there, I’m Geralyn from Plano, Texas. In the fall, I’ll be entering my 14th year in elementary education. I have taught Kindergarten, 1st grade and 3rd grade. I’m currently an Instructional Specialist for my school district and I mainly support in elementary (K-5) mathematics. I’ve always loved math as a student and have a passion for teaching math. I’m always looking for ways to support teachers with math instruction and mathematical growth mindset. I’m looking forward to the book study!

    1. Ann Elise

      Welcome, Geralyn! I think you will love the running records and how they will help you zoom in on the specific needs of the students whether they are K or 5th grade. So glad you can join us!

  17. Kristen Kroll

    My name is Kristen from Clarksburg, WV. I am starting my 7th year of teaching. I have taught 2nd first and 1st grade. I did not like math growing up. Math was and still is challenging for me sometimes. Since I started following Christina and Dr. Nicki, I have learned so much about how to teach math and perhaps why it was so challenging for me growing up. I love teaching math to my first graders! I did some running records last year but I still have so much to learn. I look forward to this book study.

    1. Ann Elise

      Welcome, Kristen! I’ve been doing running records for a couple of years now and I still feel like I’m learning! Every child is so different. I just love it when a student thinks of something I’ve never thought of….so fascinating! So glad you’ve joined us!

  18. Rosalba McFadden

    Hi! My name is Rosi. I am a K-5 Math Consultant for one of the elementary schools in my district. Before taking the role of math consultant I taught grades 1-5 spending several years in fifth grade.
    My experience with math growing up was traumatic:) I don’t have the best memory so I barely got through my classes. It wasn’t until I was older and curious as to why these theories work that I started understanding Math.
    Excited for this book study. My school has attempted using Running Records already. Would like to see if there’s more insight I could provide my teachers in this area.

    1. Ann Elise

      Welcome, Rosi! I’m so glad your school has begun to use them. You can provide us with some insight about how they have been implemented in your school. It is certainly a journey. So glad you’ve joined us!

  19. Jennifer Jensen

    Hi, My name is Jen! I am the Dean of Math at Kennedy Elementary in Omaha, Nebraska. I always a decent student at math as a child, but I only had a procedural understanding. I would always say that math was my “worst subject” growing up. I never took a math course for fun. I memorized algorithms and plugged numbers into them. I specifically remember a center in third grade where we had timers at a station and we had to complete fact sheet of multiplication while we timed ourselves for a minute. That caused so much anxiety for me t because I am competitive by nature and never wanted to look stupid. It wasn’t until taking graduate level courses from Ruth Heaton through the Primarily Math program offered to us through our school district that I really began to truly understand how numbers work together and build on one another, I was 28 at this time! I am so thankful for the opportunity my district provided for me to truly understand how kids learn math and now I can’t get enough!

    1. Ann Elise

      Your story is so common, Jennifer! I’m so glad our students can learn math without stress associated with it. I really do feel that in our own small way, we are changing the world! So glad you have joined us!

  20. Deborah Goodwin

    Hi!! I’m Deb Goodwin and I’m an instructional coach in Connecticut. I’m back in the mathematics part of the instructional world after a long time as a Literacy gal. I’m LOVING it!! I was mathy as a kid, but always in trouble for not doing things the way the teacher wanted them done. What I now know is that I was understanding the math, while the teacher wanted me to “just do it”. I love having the opportunity to help teachers and kids understand the math now.

    1. Ann Elise

      It is so addictive to see both teachers and students light up with excitement over math! I’ve worked with so many teachers who have said math was their least favorite to teach but now it is their favorite! Welcome to the discussion!

  21. Jocelyn Albernaz

    My name is Jocelyn Albernaz. I am a K-5 Math Interventionist in Massachusetts. I attended the CACE conference in December and Dr. Nicki Newton was a presenter. It was a fantastic introduction to Math Running Records. I am looking forward to the book study and exploring ways to implement this assessment in our tiered RTI program.

    1. Ann Elise

      Welcome to the discussion, Jocelyn! We are about to begin discussing Chapters 1 and 2 this week. I think you will love the information you get and help you respond instructionally to your kiddos!

  22. Carolyn Neill

    My name is Carolyn Neill, I live in Ontario, Canada. Teaching Kindergarten, French Immersion but have taught all ages from Kinder to Grade 12. This topic is new to me, interested in learning more.

    1. Ann Elise

      Welcome to the discussion, Carolyn! We are about to begin discussion Chapters 1 and 2 this week!

  23. Betsy Frates

    Hi. My name is Betsy Frates. I live in Woodstock, Vermont where I teach 2nd grade. I have been looping with 1st and 2nd grade but this is the first year I will be repeating 2nd grade. Growing up I definitely learned the algorithm and memorization. If I learned the way kids are learning today, I would not have been afraid of math. Now I find it fascinating and I love math. The kids I teach love math. It is so great to see the bulb go off for so many of them. I can’t wait to teach math this year….

    1. Ann Elise

      I teach pre-service teachers at our local college and the vast majority of them really hate math. They use words like hate, despise, and phobia when they begin talking about math. Over the course of the semester, I see them come alive as they gain more confidence and it’s a guarantee that at least one person will say, “If I learned math this way when I was a kid, I wouldn’t have grown up hating it!” I love being a part of that process to open the world of math to my students especially knowing that they will all become elementary teachers and will then effect all their students as well.

  24. Tara Russell

    Hi, I am late to the party! I am currently pre-reading Teaching Student Centered Mathematics in order to help facilitate a book club with our K-2 teachers this year; which is why I was reluctant to overcommit by joining this book study at the same time. But I just couldn’t resist! I live in Camp Hill, PA with my husband, two dogs and cat. We have 4 grown children and two grand babies, whose math minds I love to pick! This is my 30th year teaching and loving first grade. I also serve as the Math Curriculum Leader for the primary school in our district. My father was a Colonel, and so I grew up an Army brat and never spent many consecutive years at any school until 9th grade. I think this is why I have always relied on number sense and common sense to make sense of mathematics and the world around me. Hopping from school to school in the pre-CCSS days certainly must have left some gaps! To this day, I struggle to remember some of the algorithms, but like to think that I can always figure the problem out!

    1. Ann Elise

      My goodness, Tara, you are a busy educator! So glad you chose to join us! I think you will love math running records and then share them with your k-2 teachers.

  25. Torri Rankl

    Hi. My name is Torri Rankl. I live in Hornell, NY. I have been teaching for 17 years. During those years, I have taught prek-second grade. I am currently teaching second grade in Wellsville, NY. I am a mother of two, ages 7 and 1. My husband is a college football coach. That means I am a single mom for most of the year. We get June and July to spend together. I have been focused on being a mom first, and a teacher second. That is hard to do on both ends. 🙂
    I never enjoyed math growing up. I didn’t ever feel successful when it came to math. I felt that way in my teaching career for the first several years. I am just now feeling successful at teaching math. That is mostly because of this membership. 🙂 I am now loving math!

    1. Ann Elise

      That’s wonderful, Torri! I think learning about and implementing running records will only make you love it more!!

  26. Rachael Betscha

    Joining in a little late because of family vacation and taking masters classes. Hoping to get caught up quickly. My name is Rachael. I live in South Florida. I am a K-5 math coach. My favorite place to be is sitting on my back porch swing with my hubby and my dog- Gunner. I have always felt like math was a hard subject for me but since I began teaching math I have fallen in love with it and am teaching others to love it too.

    1. Ann Elise

      So glad you are now loving it! I really think you’ll only love it more as you learn about and implement the running records!

  27. Meredith Tavary

    Hello, I’m joining late as well. What a summer it has been!
    My name is Meredith and I live in Hutchinson, MN. I am a Special Education teacher. I have taught at the high school level for 20+ years and this is where I learned to like math. In high school I did the very basic requirements for math and just got through it. I didn’t look at math as a necessary tool except for the basics. But I had to teach math at the high school level and as I learned algebra I began to enjoy it and the problem solving that it requires.
    Last year I moved to the elementary school and I am now teaching kindergarten and first grade, mostly math. This is a huge transition so I feel like a beginning teacher again. It’s really exciting to me to have the opportunity to teach beginning learners “math sense”. I am so excited to see the difference in what gains these students make this year with me having this knowledge than they did last year as I fumbled through things trying to get a handle on what they knew and what they need to know.

    1. Ann Elise

      Welcome, Meredith! Wow! That’s quite the transition from high school math to the very beginnings in K! I taught grade 5 for 13 years and then when I became the K-5 Math Coach I needed to learn about early numeracy. I certainly gained an appreciation for how much expertise is needed! Christina’s Number Sense 101 course is what taught me the most. So important that we set the foundation for our kiddos’ math journeys! I think you will love the running records!

  28. Carrie Plank

    Hello, I am joining late also. My name is Carrie Plank. I live in Huntsville, AL. I am an elementary math specialist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. I taught in the K & 1 classroom for 21 years, and I just completed mt 7th year as a specialist. My main role as a specialist is to provide professional development for teachers, but I also have the privilege of providing embedded professional development, through the coaching process. So, I am in classrooms 90% of the time. I coach teachers using a 1-2 year model in which I am an ongoing part of the classroom biweekly, throughout the whole school year. I love the mix of working with adults and children. I am joining this book study because I have so many teachers who need help in the area of meaningful assessment, especially when it comes to fluency. I am looking forward to this new learning.

    1. Ann Elise

      Hi Carrie! It sounds like you and I have similar jobs. I love the variety, too, of working with teachers, assistants as well as students. I have found that training others to administer running records is really my way of educating them about the lookfors for early numeracy such as count all vs count on vs derived facts, etc. It has allowed us all to have much more sophisticated conversations about the math abilities of the students and provide a blueprint for exactly what each student needs to go further on their journey.

  29. Prunie Skocelas

    Hi … I am sorry to join so late. I have been so busy with summer school. My name is Prunie Skocelas, well my birth name is Lorna Sue. I live in Westland, MI and teach in the Detroit Public School system, in the heart of Mexican Town. I have taught first grade for the last 6 years, and 2nd grade for the first 11 years. I have also taught a math
    methods course for Wayne State University, this past winter. I love math, I love teaching math the way I have been the last two years, with the help of Christina’s Number Sense Course and webinars. I have learned so much, and get so excited to teach it. I have hooked a few of the kindergarten and first grade teachers as well, as they walk by my room and see how much fun we are having, and how engaged the kids are. My hope for this coming year, is to offer some monthly parent workshops, to teach them some number sense games and activities they can do with their children. I see it as a WIN for both of us! My personal goal, is to continue with this Building Math Minds, tweek my teaching as I learn and grow, and pass as much information on as possible to my colleagues. I have ordered the book for this Book Study and will get on it as soon as I receive it in the mail. I have two more weeks of summer school, then I have some time to enjoy the rest of the summer, while growing as a math and literacy teacher! I just love learning new things … my kids deserve the best!

    1. Ann Elise

      Hi Prunie! I, too, have taught and will again teach a math methods class for Plymouth State University this fall. I love that I can teach these preservice teachers all about how we are teaching math now for conceptual understanding as well as encourage a growth mindset in our students. I have found that I need to start that with my preservice students, though. Unfortunately, so many of them have been traumatized by their math journeys and really hate it. I ask them to rate their enjoyment of math from 1-10 and most give it a 1 and several have asked to give it a negative number! They’ve actually developed phobias surrounding math. I have found, though, that during the course of my class they all learn to appreciate and even enjoy the math. They ask why weren’t they taught math this way the first time. They wouldn’t have developed their negative feelings about it.

      I also love that you are including parents in the process. I, too, have offered monthly parent evenings but I’m not able to get many to attend. For those that do, though, they are very appreciative!

  30. Davita Fortier

    I’m glad I’m not the only late comer. I am Davita Fortier and I have been teaching first grade in Rochester, NH for the past 28 years. I took Christina’s number sense course last year and loved it. I am trying so hard to make change happen in our school district. We follow EM4 and it can be quite tiresome following a curriculum when I know I am failing my kids. I just received Dr. Nicki’s book in the mail tonight. I am almost caught up and I am so excited! I have been looking at ways to track kids fact fluency besides the fluency checks we have in our assessment folders (timed tests). Dr. Nicki makes so much sense. Change needs to happen in our district if our kids are going to be successful in math. I am already looking forward to bringing this to my school and suggesting a book club for our staff. We do monthly reading checks but there is nothing in our math repertoire except timed tests when it comes to fact fluency.

    1. Ann Elise

      Hi Davita! No worries about being late. Christina has been swamped with her amazing virtual summit and she will be able to upload my subtraction and multiplication materials soon. I think you will love the running records and be amazed at the transformation it will cause in your school. I would suggest you get a few people who are interested to join you and then your enthusiasm will become contagious!!

  31. kennygarten

    Hi I’m Kenny. For the last 3 weeks I have been traveling across the country, California to DC and back! 8 Major League Baseball stadiums in 15 days plus some visits with family and friends. I’m late to the book study, so I’m going to try to play catch up over the last few weeks of summer vacation. I teach kindergarten in Yucaipa, CA. I have taught in the Yucaipa-Calimesa JUSD for 20 years. I have taught K, 1, 2, and 3. I was the site RTI Lead Teacher and worked with students from K-5. I enjoyed math in school, because I was “good” at it. I had strong number sense (from watching a lot of sports and keeping scores, stats, etc.), I was good at following directions, and I have a good memory. Those would be the “traditional” expectations of a mathematics class. I have spent the majority of my teaching career trying to do a better job of teaching my students. I was introduced to the work of Kathy Richardson early in my career. Throughout my 20 years of teaching I have been fortunate to meet, see, learn from many great mathematicians through books, conferences, workshops, webinars…
    I am consistently working to develop mathematics learning in the classroom and am excited to learn more from this book study.

    1. Ann Elise

      Hi Kenny! No worries about being late….we’ll get the materials loaded soon and we can get back on track. There really is no time limit and would actually love to continue our conversations once school is back in session once you can all implement them and have any reflections!

  32. Pamela

    Hi my name is Pam and I live in southwestern Maine. I have taught 34 years in a classroom and next year I begin a new journey as a math coach for the three elementary schools in my district. I will focus on K-2 next year and then K-5 the following year. As a math student I remember being taught procedures with little to no understanding. It has since became my passion to teach math differently. I look forward to learning alongside all of you.

    1. Ann Elise

      Hi Pamela!
      So happy to have you here! I have loved my role as Math Coach after many years in the classroom and I think you’ll love it, too. Your scale of impact with teachers and students is multiplied. They are so lucky to have you entering the position!!!

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