MathRack Training Videos

These 5 videos were created to help you implement the use of Rekenreks (aka MathRacks) in your classroom.  The videos are a compliment to the MathRack Activity Cards (download below the videos).  The MathRack company wanted to create something you could give to an instructional aide or parent volunteer to use with a small group of children.

These videos were then created as a way to explain and model the use of the cards.

Intro to The MathRack

Activity 1: Show Me

Activity 2: Quick Images

Activity 3: Number Strings

Activity 4: Situation Problem Solving


Download File

These MathRack Activity Cards give you 13 cards that contain pre-made activities for each of the 4 Activities (Show Me, Quick Images, Number Strings, and Situation Problem Solving).

Download File

In one of the videos I mention the story problems chart.  You can get it here: