Guided Math Webinar with Dr. Nicki

In this engaging webinar, Dr. Nicki focused on helping teachers take their small group learning to the next level. Based on ideas from her book Guided Math in Action, she leads us through the 5 Elements of a Guided Math Classroom and 5 Types of Guided Math Lessons all while sharing TONS of resources to help you build purposeful practice with standards based, academically rich math workstations. Download the list of resources HERE.


  1. Lois Gearing

    Wow what a full on webinar. Watched it once already making loads of notes… took a break and have come back for another look and listen.

    1. CTondevold

      Yeah, this webinar is so packed with info!

  2. Kaitlin

    I am not having any luck with some of the links to her resources. I clicked on the learning trajectory link and it took me to an error screen. I tried multiple times. Help please!

    1. CTondevold

      Yeah, I’m getting the same error message. Sometimes people take down items that were once available…so my guess is that if any of the links aren’t working, it’s because the item or site has been moved or taken down.

  3. Chanda Garrison

    I loved this webinar and I learned so much. I wanted to see where I could find the different types of assessments. Dr. Nicki spoke about the fluency, word problem, math vocabulary, and a disposition assessments. Are there good websites where I can find these for grade-levels k-5? Thank you!

      1. Alphonese Wilson

        Is it possible for you to share the resources that were downloaded? The link no longer works. Thanks.

      2. Alphonese Wilson

        I am sorry. The link at the top of the page works.

      3. Kristin T

        Is there a way to make the above link active again? My Dropbox site is saying that the document doesn’t exist.

        1. CTondevold

          Hmm, when I click them they both work. Maybe try copy and pasting the address??

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