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Thank you for joining the Build Math Minds (BMM) Community.  Please watch this short video as I show you how to navigate within this site.


  1. Julie Glavin

    I’m so excited to be a part of this!!

  2. Kelly Sickle

    I loved this-so many great resources. I tried to get on the Howard County for the word problems, but it looks like it is locked. Any suggestions?

    1. Christina Tondevold Post author

      Kelly, I think something is up with their sites right now. When I try to go there it says something about their security certificate.

  3. Amy Dow

    This is going to be a great! Super excited!

  4. Lorna Skocelas

    Looking forward to the class. I am finishing up school this week, then starting summer school on the 21st. I hope to use what I am learning in summer school. Thanks for offering this Christina.

  5. Zandra Clay

    Thanks for doing this. I am excited to start using it in my class. Can you start a 2nd grade group?

    1. mathminded

      Oh, geez!!! Thank you for noticing that one was missing. I didn’t even realize. We will get it added.

  6. kandrews61

    I already took the Number Sense 101 course back in January-March. Will I be able to be a member of this current group?

  7. Heidi Pfaff

    I can’t wait to get started!! Your free training videos were wonderful!!

  8. Joy

    After watching your training videos I knew this course was made for me. So looking forward to building my knowledge, understanding and confidence about how kids learn math and implementing it in the classroom.

  9. Joy

    Hopefully lots of other teachers from Australia take advantage of this great training.

  10. Nora Robinson

    I find myself trying to figure out how to share all of this information! This is soooo great!

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