1. kennygarten

    I really enjoyed watching the replay of the webinar! In the webinar, he said he would post the slides. Has anyone found them? I found other presentations that he had done, but I didn’t see the slides from this webinar.

    1. Christina Tondevold Post author

      Kenny, he didn’t send them to me. However, I found the slides from his NCTM presentation and they are pretty much the same. I added a link right above the video on this page that takes you to the slides.

  2. Mary Bierlein

    Great video. I am sharing it with my principal.

  3. Maren Eberly

    Awesome webinar. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  4. Elizabeth Krcmar

    Loved the Webinar. Very interesting to hear the history behind mathematics! Thank you for sharing it so we could watch the replay of it!

    1. mathminded

      You are welcome. I loved hearing the history also!

  5. Christa Shaeffer

    I read the entire book in two days. Very interesting and informative. I’m wanting to be a better advocate in explaining the new research strategies.

    This video was a great summary of the book and highlights how we can explain changes in how we are teaching math.

  6. Nora Robinson

    This was awesome! I would love every parent to be able to see this…

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