Webinar: Subitizing Games

Dr. Beth MacDonald exceed my expectations on this webinar.  I’ve been a proponent of subitizing since I first learned of it, but Dr. MacDonald shared such detailed insight about subitizing that I was blown away (and taking notes) the whole time.


Get all the resources HERE, that includes the games she talks about, the assessment information, her NCTM article, and even her PowerPoint slides are in this Dropbox folder!


  1. Carolyn Neill

    Gaining more and more detailed knowledge about subitizing. I would like more details about the free play or center activity where kids are engaging with subitizing in an open manner by playing with card stock dominoes and matching that was mentioned towards the end of the webinar.

    1. CTondevold

      So, what I imagine of that is just having cards and dominoes and letting them play. With dominoes kids might just go through and match ends or they might create a train of amounts that get bigger, or smaller, etc.

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