Tasks: 3 Act Math Tasks

3-Act Tasks are an amazing way to get kids interested in investigating mathematics and how it helps them solve problems in their own world.  These tasks are ‘low floor’, all kids have an entry point, which allows all kids to be actively involved in the tasks.

In this video, I give a brief overview of 3 Act Tasks and where you can find a bank of wonderful tasks to try out in your classroom.  Check out Graham Fletcher’s webinar for even more detail about 3 Act Tasks.

Download the 3 Act Task Handout that you can give to kids while they are working through a task.


  1. Naomi

    What age would you try doing these 3 act task ? As young as Pre-K?

    1. Christina Tondevold Post author

      Naomi, personally I haven’t done them with PreK but if you find the right image/video I think they would totally be able to do it. If you want to just start out with the first act, check out the stuff at http://www.101qs.com/ and just ask them ‘What do you notice?’ and ‘What do you wonder?’

      You can search that site by grade level and the lowest they have is K, but some of them might be applicable to PreK.

  2. Leann Tisdall

    Is the webinar going to be up at another time as well? I really want to watch it but already have a commitment at that time?

  3. Lauren Teague

    I LOVE this so much! I love the opportunity for this to be formative assessment pre and post unit. Do you use some sort of rubric or documentation sheet to document where each child’s understanding is? My district is very data and documentation driven and feel like my higher ups will be more behind me if we have some sort of documentation! Hope that makes sense!

    I’d be interested to hear how anyone else who uses these frequently in their classroom documents or tracks student understanding

    1. CTondevold

      Lauren, sorry I’m just seeing this. I went straight to the source…I asked Graham 🙂 His response was “I never use them for a content grade. I use them solely for the purpose of formative assessment.”

  4. Sharon

    Lauren Teague, while we are not driven by data and documentation, I like to have “proof” of what I am doing and what important information am I getting/how am I achieving the curriculum…I would love to learn more about this and finding a documentation method for these activities!

  5. Rachael Betscha

    Thanks for sharing your handout on the 3 Act Math Task and for this brief overview. I love the handout and am excited to use it in the future for planning and with upper grades. I have seen the hand out GFletchy uses but find yours helpful too. I really like how you summed up each task in the video. I will be leading a PD this summer on 3 Act Math Task and it was great to be able to have this content available to review before I present. Thanks for answering so many of my questions, I know the assessment one address above will be something that comes up.

  6. Julie Murray

    Where can we find a collection of 3 act tasks? I just finished the fractions course and would love to have a collection of 3 Act Tasks to use and share. Thanks!

  7. Sherri Wilker

    This looks like such a great idea. I think this will help my students take risks and open up their minds.

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