Standards: Math Practice #4: Modeling with Mathematics

This video is an overview of Standards of Mathematical Practice #4: Modeling with Mathematics.  If you are not familiar with the SMPs, they are pages 6-8 of the Common Core Standards.

The SMPs tell us what the STUDENTS should be doing while trying to learn all the grade level standards.  They are a wonderful addition to our standards, but they are not very clear.  That’s why I am LOVING Mike Flynn’s new book Beyond Answers: Exploring Mathematical Practices with Young Children.  The book clearly defines what it looks like when kids are engaging in the Math Practices.


  1. Chanda Garrison

    This was such a great video! I am actually giving a math training and we are going to be discussing models. So, this could not have come at a better time. Thank you!!!

    1. CTondevold

      Yay!!! So glad it was helpful!

  2. Donna Wilson

    Are you planning to do a video for each of the SMPs?

    1. CTondevold

      As they come up…so Graham’s webinar lended itself nicely to delve into SMP4. Then Mike Flynn’s webinar really focused on SMP7. The webinars kind of guide what the focus is each month. I believe the SMPs are the most powerful and under investigated thing, so as much as I can I’ll be delving into them with you.

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