Representations: Modeling on the C-R-A Continuum

If you’ve seen my stuff on the C-R-A (Concrete-Representational-Abstract), then you know I’m a fan of doing all 3 at once with kiddos.  In this video I talk about how the kiddos’ modeling really falls on a continuum.  Their models that seem abstract may actually be very concrete and their models that seem concrete may actually be abstract.


  1. kennygarten

    I think Rosie’s response would fall somewhere in the representational. She has the context of the problem with the girls and boys separated into groups.

  2. Chanda Garrison

    I am thinking some where in between concrete and representational. More towards the representational. So, what’s the answer. I really like the book Common Core Sense that discusses the SMPs. She calls the process – decontextualize, contextualalize, and recontextualize.

  3. Tara Russell

    I am thinking that although Rosie’s work is representational, it is rather concrete because she used the children’s names to represent each child, and didn’t really decontextualize the problem.

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