Representations: Transitioning to a Number Line

I am a big fan of using a number path instead of a number line for young kiddos….BUT we do need to transition kids into using a number line.  In this video I show how to move kids from using discrete objects (like unifix cubes), into number paths, and then eventually into a number line.


  1. Rachael Betscha

    Christina, Thank you so much for this video. I was just talking with my kindergarten teachers about number lines and I felt like even though I was telling them that research says kindergarten students aren’t ready for number lines they just weren’t listening because they didn’t want to hear it. I love how you explain the progression in this video and can’t wait to share it with my kindergarten teachers and administration to help clarify. This short clip is so powerful!

    1. Christina Tondevold Post author

      Yay! I’m so glad!!! I just saw a session in the NCTM program booklet for a session all about using number lines in Kinder. 🙁 Unfortunately, there are still lots of people telling Kinder teachers to use number lines.

    2. CTondevold

      Yay!! Hopefully it changes the way they think about number lines.

  2. Carrie

    I did a session two years ago at NCTM(in Boston), all around the use of number paths and number lines in K-2. After watching this video, it is good to know I presented this in the same way you did. Out of 90+ participants who attended my session, only 3 people had even heard of a number path., but they walked away saying how much sense it made. Thanks for all you are doing for the K-2 world! I can’t get to the conference this year, but I hope to catch some of your sessions next year!

    1. CTondevold

      Thanks for helping spread the word about Number Paths!

  3. Jennifer

    Terrific explanation about the connection and transition from the linking cubes to number path to number line. A real eye opener! Thank you

  4. Kathryn Sandler

    This is so helpful! I think that showing how they are related will really help my students grasp better why zero is not counted as 1 on a ruler, as well as why “jumps” are made when using a number line.

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