Standards: What Should Intervention Focus On?

So often schools are scrambling to figure out what to do inside intervention time.  They have carved out the time for kids to go with the interventionist, but the interventionist (who is often a para-pro or instructional aide) isn’t given any curricular materials and they aren’t sure what to do with the kids during that time.

In this video I give a general overview of what we should be focusing on in the intervention time (and what NOT to do).  Then, in the webinar this month I’ll be diving in deeper about the details of what to do during intervention.


  1. kennygarten

    I’m excited to hear more about math intervention. My district has been focused on reading intervention for a while. Math intervention is either overlooked or not planned/thought out well.

    1. CTondevold

      Sounds like that is a common theme!

  2. Heidi Pfaff

    My district has started the process of implementing RTI (Response to Intervention) and we have found that math is overlooked and and the resources are not available that you find for ELA.

  3. Elizabeth Krcmar

    Thank you so much for all you do! Can’t wait to hear what you have to say on Intervention.

  4. lhemingway

    Thank you for taking the time to do a webinar for math interventionalists. This is going to be so helpful.

  5. Kathy McNutt

    Looking so forward to this. Hoping to get math intervention organized for my school. As a grade 3 teacher, I find that I have to take most of my intervention students back to understanding 10 and then move forward from there. It is interesting that we have become very good and determining where our students are as readers and move forward from there, yet in math we focus on the grade level curriculum.

  6. Amy Barker

    I am soooo looking forward to hearing everything you have to say about intervention. I appreciate you dedication to building mathematical minds from the ground up. I am currently building progress monitoring and norms for each of our grade levels based on number sense. I am happy with what I am doing but would love to know how I can improve.

  7. kandrews61

    Loved this webinar on Intervention and was so reassured by what you shared. Personally, I couldn’t agree with you more. Since moving out of the second grade classroom of 25 years and into math intervention about 5 years ago, I have been reading, researching, and perusing the internet looking for math intervention ideas, programs, scope and sequence…. basically anything to get me started. Like you said, reading had so much available, math much less. However, there was a reoccurring “take-away” i.e. build number sense through number talks and games. So, I decided to base each of my 40 minute intervention sessions to include 10 minutes of each of the following: games to reinforce skills or fact fluency, number talks, problem-solving, and DreamBox, a manipulative web-based program. This is my fourth year teaching RTI and although there is constant tweaking, the foundation of the program remains the same. Without the help of Christina and her web-sites, webinars, etc I would be lost, so a heartfelt thank you. Your impact is immeasurable and greatly appreciated!

    1. CTondevold

      Ah, Kelly, thank you so much. I’m so glad that what you did find out there about math intervention lead you to Number Talks & Games before you ever saw the webinar. Also, I LOVE Dreambox…so glad you are using it!!

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