Managing the Time Spent on Standards

Have you ever gotten to February and felt like you’ve been teaching the same content all year??  And then you have to try to figure out how to manage fitting in all the rest of the standards!?!?!

The Content Emphases document from Achieve the Core is the best laid out format to help us know what standards are the Major, Supporting, and Additional standards so that we know which standards do need to take more of our classroom time and which ones we shouldn’t be spending too much time on.  In this video I explain that document and talk about how you can use it.

K-8 Content Emphases Document


  1. Stacey Zwiefel

    Great resource! Thank you so much!

  2. Davita Fortier

    I really needed this resource. Thank you

  3. Ntufa

    I’m from Melbourne, Australia and have enjoyed listening to your ideas on how to go about planning for the standards. Although, we have different standards here, the same principles can be applied for planning.
    I look forward to learning more.

    Thank you

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