Making Math More Meaningful with Models

Duane is a K-5 mathematics instructional coach in the Pleasanton Unified School District.  He is the founder of EMBARC, a site to help teachers who are using the Engage NY (aka Eureka Math) program.  He has a special gift in helping us see how and WHY we need to be using models to help our kiddos make sense of mathematics and that is exactly what he does in this video.


Get the PowerPoint slides HERE.


  1. jane lloyd

    Duane – You reinforced the importance of visuals brilliantly. Also important was emphasising the compare and contrast aspect so that children are seeing a variety of strategies for solving and a variety of visuals for representing. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and the message your present is powerful!!!

  2. carriecolson

    The balance of following children’s lead in their thinking (whether it’s officially been “taught” in the curriculum or not), while also connecting to the curriculum–past or future–is brilliant. Powerful and well done. Thank you.

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