Summer 2017 Book Study-Week3Chp3

For Chapter 3, you get to practice doing Running Records.

  1. Watch video of Coco and Dr Nicki doing an addition running record
  2. Print running record from Dr. Nicki’s site and record Coco’s thinking.

Download the Addition Running Record to mark Coco

Download to see how Ann Elise marked Coco

Here are some things that my teachers and I have done to tweak Dr. Nicki’s running record (I have edited it and shared it with her permission):

– added in the speed codes a-automatic, 5s- 5 secs, pth – prolonged thinking to be by themselves

– other codes are listed below but we only write them if it is obvious the child is doing it

– orally was added for my youngest kiddos who didn’t recognize the math with just seeing numbers – I would say “Let’s say I have 2 cookies and you gave me 1 many do I have now?”  just to separate those who could do that with those who couldn’t

– we added rubric scores at the bottom that are particular to the gradelevel to help with teachers’ report card grading – fluency grade is now a combination of the speed, accuracy, and flexibility score

– strategies listed at bottom – we circle the one that we deem is appropriate for the child to start working on

– back side added the words we are looking for like “next #” and then line to check off if the child couldn’t articulate the strategy

– back side, added N Emerg and Y so that assessors could circle and we could just look at that to see where students need to begin working

– changed the make 10 question to check for all make 10 pairs and put the questions in a purposeful order

– moved 10 + 4 to earlier in the assessment

– check all doubles facts for automaticity

– broke the decomposition to make 10 into plus 9’s first and then plus 7 & 8’s

-at bottom added some higher mental math in case the child aced the running record we could see if he/she would apply to larger numbers

Download the adapted version for 1st Grade

Use the adapted Running Record to mark Natalie (entering 1st Grade):

Download the adapted version for 2nd grade

Use the adapted Running Record to mark Maddox (entering 2nd Grade):

There are no comments for this chapter as we will be discussing your Running Records in the next Chapter…