Book Study Week6 Chp12

Chapter 12: The Division Running Records.

  1. Watch video of Zoe and Dr Nicki doing a division running record
  2. Print running record from Dr. Nicki’s site and record Zoe’s thinking
  3. Mark Zoe using the adapted version of the division running record

Here are some things that my teachers and I have done to tweak Dr. Nicki’s running record (I have edited it and shared it with her permission)

– added in the speed codes a-automatic, 6s- 6 secs, pth – prolonged thinking to be by themselves

– other codes are listed below but we only write them if it is obvious the child is doing it

– we added rubric scores at the bottom

– strategies listed at bottom – we circle the one that we deem is appropriate for the child to start working on

– back side added the words we are looking for like “quotient is 0”

– back side, added N, E (for emerging), and Y so that assessors could circle and we could just look at that to see where students need to begin working

There are no comments for this chapter as we will be discussing your Running Records in the next Chapter…